CIW Perl Specialist - Exam (1D0-437)

CIW Perl Specialist - Exam (1D0-437)
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Fly through this CIW exam, and demonstrate your knowledge of Perl and what it can be used for. As a programming language, mastering Perl is a popular skill for web developers to learn, especially in an age where web applications are an essential part of daily life. By grasping some of the fundamentals of the Perl programming language, students can extend their knowledge of the subject and use it to create high-level applications that can really work.

A Duct Tape Language

Many experts consider Perl to be one of the programming languages that are the duct tape of the Internet – a simple language that was once one of the most popular available. Its ability to manipulate text and handle encrypted web data such as e-commerce transactions meant that over many years, Perl was the glue that held the web together.

Gain Valuable Insight

As a web programmer, understanding some of the basic concepts that are found within the Perl framework can help to broaden horizons and provide valuable insight into some of the uses of the Perl programming language. By the time you are ready to complete this examination, you will have already worked through the accompanying Perl Specialist course, and will be ready to prove your new knowledge via this comprehensive assessment.

Key learning points

Studying the associated course and sitting this exam would be beneficial to any web developer, programmer or software developer who wishes to gain a basic knowledge of Perl and its uses. By the time students are ready to sit this exam, they will confidently be able to:

This assessment will test a student’s ability to:

  • Define the uses of the Perl interpreter and how to operate it, including basic scripting, print function and variables
  • Know how to direct program flow using statements, loops and Boolean expressions
  • Manipulate strings using regular expressions, and manipulate and store program data using arrays.
  • Use hashes to organise and manipulate data with keys.
  • Confidently make code more logical and easier to debug using subroutines.
  • Use input/output routines to read and write to files.
  • Create object-orientated programming techniques using Perl.
  • Use debugging features to identify any errors.
  • Understand the basics of database programming, focussing on the use of modules and SQL to access external information.

Advantages of this course

  • Sign up for the exam online, and sit it online. There’s no need to find your local testing centre – revise and prepare yourself, and sit the assessment whenever you’re ready.
  • Software is compatible with a range of devices, operating systems and browsers, so there shouldn’t be any accessibility issues.
  • Develop your understanding of one of the most important programming languages of its day, and use this understanding to build your confidence and progress forward in your career.
  • Gain valuable understanding of Perl-compatible regular expressions, which can be used in a multitude of programming languages.
  • Boost your confidence in the industry and lay some solid foundations in the world of programming.

Pass this exam today, and you can open the ‘Perl-y’ Gates to programming heaven!


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Course Code
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1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Operating Systems
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Internet Explorer 10 or above
Google Chrome
Safari 8
Mozilla Firefox
Flash Player
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Windows, Mac